Name: Darryl Latham

Occupation: Manager

Poison: Peroni

Bio: Dazzler is the brains behind Indiependence. Once head honcho at Maloneys, decided to take the Indie world by storm by creating Indiependence. He is the reason Wigan is awesome again!


Name: Jon Houghton

Occupation: Deputy Manager

Poison: JD and coke

Bio: This muppet like being keeps our bar staff up to shape. You may find him running around making sure everything is in top order, and shouting at barstaff when they serve jaques as rosé, or think that optics are automatic.


Name: Michael Vaughan

Occupation: Top floor DJ

Poison: JD and coke


Bio: This youngster resides on the top floor. Playing you the best in new Indie along with all the old classic anthems.... but sometimes Journey slips in there if he has had one or two.


Name: Matt Carr

Occupation: Mid floor DJ

Poison: Red Stripe

Bio: With his skinny jeans and Smiths T-Shirts, this boy will love you if you ask for anything Morrissey related. He even carries a comb in his pocket to make sure his quiff lasts until 6am! Playing a mix of classic Indie and the odd recent track, Matt is our middle floor jock.


Name: Melanie Carter Morris

Occupation: DJ

Poison: Coke...?

Full time teacher part time DJ. Mel is sometimes found throwing shapes at the middle floor crowd. You may recognise her from the days when The Pier had a good taste in music!